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  • How much does the program cost? 
    Our program is $65 per month, per activity, per child with a one time registration fee of $20. This $65 is a flat rate fee for our classes. 
  • How often are the classes offered?
    Our classes are offered once a week for 60 minutes. 

  •  What happens if there is a holiday/teacher work day on the day of my child's class? 
    We follow the OCPS Calendar at all times. If there is a teacher work day/holiday on the day of your child's class, no class will be offered on that day. Keep in mind that the price for our classes is $65 per month and that is a flat rate fee .    There is not a guaranteed class/month ratio. We strive to offer 4 classes per month, but the reality is we can't promise this as there are many circumstances that arise throughout the year that might mean there are less than 4 classes.  As a plus there are some months that have 5 weeks, we do not charge extra for more weeks/months.  We think this balances out just fine and works for all parties.  

  • What If I don’t see my child’s school/activity they want on the website to register?
    I you do not see the school or the activity that your child wants to register in, it could be that it has not been placed as a “live” registration yet. If you are interested in registering your child for an activity/school that is not on our website yet, Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 407-278-0829 *2 for Spanish

  •  When will my card be charged if I register for the year?
    Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month.

  •  What If I want to cancel?
    It is not likely, but in the event that your child does not wish to continue attending our program, you may cancel so long as you complete are Cancellation Form within the cancellation window stated in our terms & policies (at time of registration).

  • When will by child receive their karate uniform that I purchased?
    During the registration process, you will be asked the approximate height and weight of your child. This will help us determine the sizing for the uniform they will receive. The instructor will bring the uniform directly to the karate class around the 3rd week. If the uniform or belt does not fit correctly, please return the uniform in the bag to the instructor and he/she can have it switched out for a better size. For any further questions or concerns for your child’s uniform please e-mail [email protected] or call 407-278-0829

  • What should my child wear to their class? 
     KARATE:  If you chose to purchase a Gi for your child, then they must wear their Gi to class. We recommend athletic shorts/tshirt to be worn under the Gi.  During hotter times of the year it is acceptable to wear the Gi pants/Belt with a tshirt.

     GYMNASTICS:  Athletic wear of any kind should be find.  Most children come in gymnastics leotards, yoga style clothing, etc.  They will be using gymnastics mats, beams, and other various gymnastics equipment so we recommend coming prepared to wear socks, bare feet, or possibly shoes (depending on the class location)

     DANCE: Athletic wear of any kind is great, but not necessary.  They will not be on the ground or doing athletic moves like some of our other classes. Comfortable clothing works as well.

    SPORTS:  Sports will require the most physical activity of our programs. They should come to class in shorts/tshirt and athletic shoes.  Sandals, or any other type of shoe will put them at a disadvantage during class and may result in there inability to participate in some of the activities.

  •  What if my child wants to transfer to another activity that is offered?
    You child is always welcome to transfer to another activity! IT IS FREE! To do so, please call our office at 407-278-0829 or e-mail [email protected] with your request of transfer.  We cannot transfer your child on the same day as the class being transferred to. As there is no way for you to know ahead of time which day/time the desired class is on, this may result in waiting a week to be transferred (example: if you request transfer on Wed and the desired class is also on a Wed, your child would be officially transferred that next Wed. and would be expected in their currently class for that week if you so choose)

  •  Can my child join more than one activity that you offer?
    Of course! We encourage all of our students to try any activity they would like! Just note that each activity is $65 per month per child and some of our programs are offered on the same day.  Most all of our programs run on the same combination/schedule.  Our Karate & Dance classes are almost always on the same day/time, and our Gymanstics/Sports programs are almost always going to be on the same day as well.  So if you were interested in Gymnastics and Sports for the same child, this may not be possible as these are more than likely occurring on the same day/time. Please still call us for information and we'd happy to assist!

  • Will there be Performances/Presentations for parents to be able to watch the Progress?
    Our Gymnastics, Karate, and Dance classes will have an informal "presentation of skills learned" around mid-season in December. This is not a performance.  We offer this as an opportunity for the parents to come and see their child's class,meet your child's coach and see them in action, and get an inside look into how the children are progressing!

  • How long does the program run for? 
    Our program run from September 2019 - End of May 2020. Our season follows the school year (year round) schedule.

  • Can I ever watch my child's practice? 
    Parents are always welcome. Feel free to attend any or all of the classes if you like.

How does the on campus after school program work? 

1.  The ELEVATE AFTER SCHOOL instructor will be waiting for your child at the Receiving location upon school dismissal. 

2.  The students will be released from their classrooms and sent to the Receiving location.

3.   The instructor will then bring the students to the Class location (ON CAMPUS) where the class will be held for 60 minutes 

4.  After class is complete, the instructor will then take the students to the Dismissal location after taking students who are registered with the school (extended day or after care) to the extended day areas.

5.  The students that are either car riders, bikers, or walkers will be dismissed at the Dismissal location. (Parents can wait here to pick up the students from the Elevate After School activity).

Still have more questions? 

For any further questions that you may have, we are always here to help!
Please feel free to call us at 407-278-0829 (Monday through Friday from (930AM-430PM) or
send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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