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How much does the program cost? 

Our program is $49.95 per month, per activity, per child with a one time registration fee of $20. This $49.95 is a flat rate fee for our classes. 

How often are the classes offered?

Our classes are offered once a week for 45 minutes. 

What happens if there is a holiday/teacher work day on the day of my child's class? 

We follow the OCPS Calendar at all times. If there is a teacher work day/holiday on the day of your child's class, no class will be offered on that day. Keep in mind that the price for our classes is $49.95 per month and that is a flat rate fee  . 

What If I don’t see my child’s school/activity they want on the website to register?

I you do not see the school or the activity that your child wants to register in, it could be that it has not been placed as a “live” registration yet. If you are interested in registering your child for an activity/school that is not on our website yet, Please e-mail us at [email protected].


When will my card be charged if I register for the year?

Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month.


What If I want to cancel?

It is not likely, but in the event that your child does not wish to continue attending our program, you may cancel so long as you give our office a 30 cancellation notice. This notice can be done either by calling our office (407-278-0829) or e-mailing us at [email protected]


When will by child receive their karate uniform that is included in the registration?

Your child’s karate uniform is FREE with registration! (one free per school year) During the registration process, you will be asked the approximate height and weight of the child. This will help us determine the sizing for the uniform they will receive. The instructor will bring the uniform directly to the karate class around the 3rd week. If the uniform or belt does not fit correctly, please return the uniform in the bag to the instructor and he/she can have it switched out for a better size. For any further questions or concerns for your child’s uniform please e-mail [email protected]

What should my child wear to the Dance/Gymnastics/Music or Karate classes? 

We just ask that the students wear comfortable/light/athletic clothing with closed toed shoes on the Day of the classes. There is no "set" uniform other than Karate which will receive their Gi around the 3rd week of their classes.  


What if my child wants to transfer to another activity that is offered?

You child is always welcome to transfer to another activity! IT IS FREE! To do so, please call our office at (407-278-0829) or e-mail [email protected]

Can my child join more than one activity that you offer?

Of course! We encourage all of our students to try any activity they would like! Just note that each activity is $49.95 per month per child and some of our programs are offered on the same day. To see a list of our classes with dates and times please visit the tab of each activity.

Will there be Performances/Presentations for parents to be able to watch the Progress?

There will 2 presentations for Music and Dance parents as well as a showcase for Gymnastics and Karate Families. One will take place in December and the other will take place in May. Parents will receive e-mails and invitation reminders when the dates are finalized. (these presentations/showcases will take place on the Campus during the regular class time.) 


How does the on campus after school program work?



The ELEVATE AFTER SCHOOL instructor will be waiting for your child at the Receiving location upon school dismissal. (Receiving location specified upon registration)


The students will be released from their classrooms and sent to the Receiving location. (Receiving location specified upon registration)


The instructor will then bring the students to the Class location (ON CAMPUS) where the class will be held for 45 minutes. (class locations can be found under the tab of the desired activity)


The instructor will then take the students to the Dismissal location after taking students who are registered with the school (extended day or after care) to the extended day areas. (dismissal location specified upon registration)


The students that are either car riders, bikers, or walkers will be dismissed at the Dismissal location. (Parents can wait here to pick up the students from the Elevate After School activity).  (dismissal location specified upon registration)

How long does the program run for? 

The program runs from September 2018- End of May 2019. (our program is school year round) 

Can I ever watch my child's practice? 

Parents are always welcome to see all the excitement of our EAS classes! Feel free to attend any of the classes. 

Still have more questions? 

For any further questions that you may have, we are always here to help! Please feel free to call us at 407-278-0829 (Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM) or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Late Student Pick Up Policy

Upon the completion of the ELEVATE AFTER SCHOOL class, the coach will wait at the class dismissal location with all (non-extended day) students not yet picked up. 

Once the 10 minute grace period has passed, parents will start to be billed for the "Late Pick Up". 
Parents will be billed an upfront fee of $10 plus an additional $1 per minute they are late picking up the student. 

Parents will be contacted by the ELEVATE AFTER SCHOOL Office shortly after the pickup has taken place to offer a method to make the payment over the phone. 

Student accounts that have an outstanding balance (due to late pick up fees) will result in the corresponding child sitting out of ELEVATE AFTER SCHOOL Classes until payment is made and account is current. 

Cancellation Policy


ELEVATE AFTER SCHOOL is a no contract program however, in order to process any cancellations, You must call our office (407-278-0829) MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY (9am-5pm) or e-mail [email protected] This must be done  30 days prior to the 1st of the following month. 

Payment Plan Policy


Elevate After School is a monthly program.

Upon registration, you will be commit to a payment plan.

This means that you will automatically be charged at the 1st of each month for the duration of the school year unless you wish to cancel in which case you must reach out to our EAS office to make the cancellation. (30-day cancellation notice required) 

 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm



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