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If you have questions or concerns regarding our terms/policies please call:

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm (summer hours may vary)
Main Office Phone Number:
 407-278-0829 *press 2 for Spanish


Upon registering, you agree that your child(ren) has authorization to participate in the Elevate After School, Inc. enrichment classes that will take place on their school's campus following dismissal.  Any physical conditions for your child(ren) have been made aware of on their registration form. Upon registering, you understand that parents/staff may take pictures of students during their enrichment classes. Photography may be used for educational purposes, social media, and marketing material.

Upon registering, you agree to hold harmless Elevate After School Inc. against any and all claims arising out of the my child's presence during the activity receiving process, the activity class time or during the activity dismissal process.

Late Student Pick Up Policy

Elevate After School classes end at a specified time, indicated by your registration email. Parents are asked to arrive by the time indicated. If the parent/guardian is aware that they are going to be late, they should call Elevate After School to advise staff of this and of their plan to pick up their child(ren). Due to the operational and staffing costs incurred when a parent/guardian is late, a late fee will be charged.

Procedure for when the parent/guardian is late:

  1. After waiting 10 minutes past dismissal time, contact the parent/guardian at the numbers on the child’s file.

  2. If contact with parent/guardian is not established, call the emergency contact(s) on the child’s file and make arrangements for the child to be picked up.

  3. Contact the school and determine if there is another number in which an emergency contact can be reached.

  4. In the event that the parents/guardians/emergency contact(s) are not available and it is one hour past the end of class time, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and follow their instructions.

The late fee schedule is as follows:

  • The fee for the first time late is $1.00 per minute. (maximum charge: $60.)

  • The fee for the second time late is $2.00 per minute. (maximum charge: $120) and any time late after that in a 30 calendar day period, the rate will be $2.00 per minute.

  • If late six times in any semester the family faces removal from the class.

  • All late fees will be charged automatically within one week of the fee being incurred. Should your account be unable to be charged, you will be expected to pay your late fees in their entirety within 30 calendar days of the earliest fee assessed. Failure to do so will result in the child(ren) being withheld from the class until the fees are paid.

  • Charges will not continue to accrue after 60 minutes, however, if we have not heard from you or we have not been able to reach you or your emergency contacts, we will immediately call the appropriate law enforcement agency. All late fees will still be collected.

Cancellation Policy

Elevate After School is a no contract program however, in order to process any cancellations, we must have adequate notice of cancellation. Adequate notice of cancellation is before the 8th of the current month.  

Process for cancelling MUST go as follows:

  •  All cancellations must be submitted through this form: CANCELLATION REQUEST
    *****No other forms of cancellation will be accepted*****
  • If your request is submitted before the 8th, we will process your cancellation the last week of the month.
  • If you cancel outside after the 8th (for any reason), you will be charged for the following month's tuition.  After which you will not be charged any longer. 

(Ex. If you cancel after the 8th of the current month, you will be charged for the following month tuition.  If you cancel on/before the 8th, you will be cancelled at the end of that current month and WILL NOT be charged the following month.)

Please note: All cancellations are processed at the end of the month regardless of your time of cancellation. We do this to keep your child on the roster for the remainder of your contract. If we cancel your account at the time you request, your child will no longer show on the roster and WILL NOT be allowed to attend class.  Please specify in the cancellation form whether you would like your child to continue the rest of that month or if you do not intend for them to continue with classes further.

Payment Plan Policy

At the time of registration you are committing to a monthly payment plan.

  • This means that you will automatically be charged at the 1st of each month for the duration of the school year unless you wish to cancel.

  • If your card declines you will receive an email notice informing you that the card we have on file has not processed successfully for one reason or another.

  • After the first failed attempt we will make further attempts until the balance owed is paid.  If we are unsuccessful in gathering your payment for any given month, we will reach out to you via phone to request updated card information for your account.

  • If you do not pay your balance by the last Friday of that month, we will have your child(ren) sit out of class and send them home with a letter informing you that we have attempted all avenues in reaching you.  Your child will continue to sit out of class until the matter is resolved and your balance is paid.

Only credit card payments will be accepted. We do not process payment through any other form. 
Methods that WILL NOT be accepted as payment: Cash, Check, Money Order, Bank Acct, or Trade

Elevate After School

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