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On Campus After School Karate

Class frequency: Once per week 
Class day:
call for details
Class length:
60 Minutes 
Class times:
call for details
Class dates:
Start of September 2019 to end of May 2020 
Class ratio:
Max ratio 1:20 (LIMITED SPOTS!)

The Elevate After School Curriculum is specifically designed for elementary aged children to provide a martial arts introductory enrichment experience mainly focused on discipline, structure, and respect. Our program has proven to have a direct impact on children's self-confidence, boundaries and overall character.

The program’s principals have direct influence from the martial arts style “Kempo-Karate”, a curriculum in which students will be learning basic Karate and Kung-fu terminology as part of their training process.

Students can register at any time throughout the school year. There is no prior martial arts experience required as the EAS program is designed for all skill levels. A karate belt system, for tracking progress, will be implemented and all students will learn different types of anti-bullying techniques including the art of “Jiu-jitsu”.  A test will be conducted towards the end of the school year that will allow the students to achieve the next belt level.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and typically starts with a short warm-up and stretching routine followed by the weekly karate move and the weekly basic self-defense technique. In each class as techniques are presented, children are carefully instructed when it is OK and NOT OK to perform any given technique. Elevate After School teaches your child that performing a karate move is a last resort and should be avoided at all costs as it is only maneuvered as a defensive tactic.

One time registration fee of: $20
Gi's are an optional  purchase of: $15 at time of registration

*Elevate After School is a month to month activity with no contracts* (30-DAY NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED)


Elevate After School

Orlando, Florida  
Email : [email protected]
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