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Sep, 2019

What To Expect

Your child is the most important person to us.
  We understand that all of our students come from different walks of life. Some deal with bullying, a split household, trouble learning in class, sickness, and more. We never assume that our students are living an easy life.  But one thing is for sure, during our classes we want to make them feel amazing.  Our slogan is "Elevating our students LIVES by equipping them to reach for the stars"  We truly care for your child and want to make our class time the best possible experience.  As a company we strive for open communication, transparency, integrity, and friendship.  In order for our coaches to be the most effective, we implement many different tools for them to access throughout the week.  Below is a list of some of the resources we use (mostly through our computers/phones) for teaching, communication, and team building.

We are a technology driven company. Printed paper is used far too much in the world as it is, and if we can find a way to use less paper, we will!

Here are all the ways our coaches use their PHONES before, during, and after our classes.

• Check In:
Our coaches have to check in through our time-clock app when they arrive on campus.

• Roster:
After they have arrived on campus, they will pull up their roster (on their phones) through an application we use to keep track of all current and newly added students.  They could have new students signed up for their class each week, so this is important to know which students they need to make sure and find.

• Curriculum:
We create our own curriculum each year. Every week our coaches meet to share ideas, add new features to their classes, or review a technique or added lesson.  The curriculum is provided to them by their Team Manager through the cloud, in order for them to access it during class.  It provides an outline for the class as well as reminders for the coach on what to review, or teach for that week.

• Music:
Our Dance coaches especially need music. The playlist is provided for them by our Team Manager through a shared Spotify, or AppleMusic account. They need this music throughout class time.  Our gymnastics coaches use fun (kid friendly) music as well for a nice added background to their class.

• Team Support:
Sometimes during a class a coach has a question, concern, or situation that they need to inform our office about, they use our online messaging app to communicate to our office managers and other coaches. We are in constant communication with our coaches, even on days they don't have a class.  We have everything from a team support channel to a prayer channel and even a "fun things to share" channel.  We communicate with them constantly.  To make sure they are informed, have their questions answered, and are in the right places at the right time.

• Photos/Video: We encourage our coaches to take group photos with their students, and of the class time. To capture video of their students learning and growing and share them with our office so we can then share them with you! From time to time we may use video or photos to promote our programs online through Facebook or Instagram. It is also super encouraging to our coaches to see how each other's classes are growing and learning.

• Check Out:
After class our coaches use their rosters to make sure their students are dismissed as directed. After all students have been checked-out properly, they check out through our time-clock app so we know they are done for the day and can document their hours worked.

From time to time you may want to visit our class and when/if you do, you will more than likely see our coach using their phone. We want you to know that they are on their phones for work purposes only. We do not condone personal phone use during class, but if you suspect this is happening, please let us know so we can address the coach and ensure that doesn't happen again.

Here are a few things you can expect to see during one of our classes:

• Curriculum:
You will mostly see them working through that weeks course. Depending on the class they are in, you may witness them learning a new karate or dance more, getting more flexible or working on a longer handstand, or learning to dribble, pass, or better understand a sports rule.  We strive to use the entire hour for specifically learning or reviewing.

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